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Yankum Off-Set Winch Snatch Ring XL

Original price $174.99
Current price $129.99

Yankum Ropes is always looking for solutions to problems both big and small and with our new Off-Set Winch Snatch Ring we have done it again! There are MANY "Snatch Blocks/ Rings" on the market and they ALL do the same thing, anchor to a soft shackle where the soft shackle allows the ring to spin along with the winch line as it goes around it. This puts all the friction on the soft shackle holding the winch ring and in many instances requires constant supervision to keep the line from falling out of the groove.  

The off-set center hole stops the ring from rotating on the soft shackle attachment, where the friction and heat build in only 1 location. This new configuration dissipates the small amount of heat and friction onto the winch line as it slides around the ring. This allows the heat to spread out and reduces centralized heat/friction while reducing the total line load

When using this ring for a direction change or a 2:1, the line should dive through the hole. In this configuration, you won't have the inconvenience of the line falling out of the groove. This makes line direction changes much easier and safer. This also enables you to use this ring not only as a snatch block but also as a block and tackle, meaning you can compound your pulling force not only as a 2:1, but also in a 3:1, 4:1, and even a 5:1.  There are many advantages from reducing weight and "line load" but also, to slow down the speed of your line for serious heavy recoveries.

Weighing in at 2.2lbs you can now reduce your total weight in your recovery gear kit SIGNIFICANTLY. Two of these rings (and three soft shackles{2 double loops and 1 single loop}) can do the job of 4 standard snatch blocks and 5 hard shackles! That is a huge reduction in total weight and gives you a massive increase in configuration options! Gone are the days of worrying about corrosion or bearing maintenance after a messy and wet recovery. 

High-quality HMPE winchline can handle operating temperatures of 190°-212° Fahrenheit  (100°C) and typically begin to melt around 300° Fahrenheit (144°C) over an extended period of exposure.  The Off-set Winch Ring XL operates in temperature bands less than that of allowable maximum HMPE operating temperatures ensuring your winchline is as happy as can be. Current parasitic friction loss while pulling at peak loads is estimated at less than 8% depending on the quality of the winchline line coating. 

With the Type III Hard anodized finish, this puppy will last a lifetime. Just treat it right and it'll always be your best winching buddy any time you need it. Our current break testing has placed the failure in the sling fixtures at 79,000 lbs with only minor deformation in the ring itself. In other words, we are still trying to figure out how to pull it apart...


  • Type III Hard Anodized Finish in Gun Metal Gray.
  • USA Kiser billet 6061 Aircraft Aluminum.
  • Machined in Idaho.
  • Annodized in Idaho.
  • 2.2lbs 
  • 5" total diameter.
  • 3" groove diameter (8x 3/8" winchline radius transit).
  • 2-1/4" hole radius.  (6x 3/8" winchline radius transit). 
  • Current "pull apart" MBS 79,590lbs+

Patent Pending


When performing a winch recovery, start with a single line pull (1:1), and work up to other configurations, ie 2:1 ---> 3:1, etc. The risk of overloading your tow/connection points increases with each additional configuration. Never exceed a 5:1 pull with this ring.

A 4:1 or 5:1 pull should ONLY be done by professionals, using 2 winch rings, a safety catch sling, and double loop 7/16" soft shackles are required. In these configurations, it is easy to exceed the rating of some tow/connection points, you MUST KNOW those ratings before use. 

These are not designed for heavy-duty wrecker use. Use ONLY electric bumper-mounted winches rated at 12k lb or less. NEVER use Steel Cable with this device, Only use a Synthetic (HMPE) winch line no larger than 7/16" diameter.