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Rago Fabrication Center Console Panels/Device Bridge For Tundra (2022-2024)


If you're looking for a practical way to make your day to day life easier while on- or off-road, our 3rd Gen Tundra Center Console Molle Panels & Device Bridge has you covered. This molle & bridge combination provides an efficient way to securely mount anything from pouches and small tools to smartphones, GPS, and radios. Its low-profile, seamless integration compliments the factory lines of the vehicle.

  • Attachment Options: PEM Nuts, Molle, Clips, Bolts
  • Driver & Passenger Side Molle Panels
  • Compatible With Molle Accessories
  • 10-24 Accessory Hardware Required
  • Bridge for RAM Diamond Base Device Mounts
  • Perfect for Smartphones, GPS, Tablet, Radio, & Other Devices
  • Does Not Impede Use of Controls or Shifter
  • High Quality American Steel
  • Made in the USA

On the driver’s and passenger’s sides, the Molle Panels create easy access mounting points that are perfect for a holster, light, handheld radio, & other items that you want within arm's reach. Need your hands-free? Our digital device bridge features multiple integrated mounting points for you to mount your phone, tablet, GPS, and more where you need it most without interfering with cup holders or controls. 

The bridge features 12 insets PEM nuts that take 10-24 Accessory Hardware and are compatible with RAM diamond base digital device mounts. When installed, it was designed to maintain ease of access to OEM controls. The included optional bridge can be removed easily while leaving the molle panels in place. Additionally, there are side mounting locations on each side of the bridge. Your phone or tablet will be mounted securely and easily accessible when needed. Installation is easy and does not require any disassembly of your dash or center console. Made in America.

The center console bridge is placed in the exact position to allow you to mount all your devices, while still having access to all your 4 wheel drive controls. Even better, if you don't think you need the bridge, it's completely removeable while keeping the molle panels in place!

The Rago Fabrications Tundra cabin organizer features a molle pattern making it possible to run straps, clips, & other attachment systems around the bars to hold various pouches, gear, or accessories on each panel.

The bridge plate features 7 top mount and 2 side mount locations compatible with Ram Mounts and many other popular device holders perfect for smartphones, CB mics, GPS, tablets, and more!

Please Note: Some drilling is required for installation.

Install Instructions: Click HERE