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Flatirons Overland Seat Divider Storage Net For Tundra


Say goodbye to snacks lost in between the seats. Put an end to reaching kids or pets trying to join you up front. Our universal car seat divider net is impressively strong, durable, and stretchy. It can be used to separate the front seats from the rear seats, as well as provide quick convenient storage with the provided two pockets.

Ideal for camping or traveling, this universal seat divider net easily attaches to most vehicles’ headrest poles and turns an otherwise useless space into a storage device. You have the option to mount with the pockets facing forward for easy access while driving, or to the rear for kids’ or pets’ snacks and toys.

Why get yours?

  • Durable material. It is made of high-quality nylon netting and elastic edge banding, which makes it very strong, reliable, and not easy to wear or break. Heavy duty ABS carabiners clip to the headrest poles and nickel-plated metal hooks attach to the bottom of each seat.
  • 2 layer storage. This makes it the ultimate solution for organizing your car’s interior, keeping all your stuff in one spot no matter where you your adventure takes you. Designed with one small and one large pocket, you have enough space to fit just about any necessity in arms reach.
  • Backseat barrier. Keep the mayhem in the back. Not only does the net provide quick storage, but it also doubles as a barrier to keep kids and small pets in the back seat.
  • Universal design. It has adjustable polypropylene straps to fit any car or small truck. It can stretch to the exact perfect size for any space between the front and rear seats of various car models.
  • Easy to install. No drilling or tools required, simply clip the carabiners to the headrest poles, and hook the bottom to each seat. Users have the choice to install with the pockets facing forward or rear.
  • 10" x 12" netting.


• Polypropylene edge banding

• Latex & polypropylene mesh