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Diode Dynamics Stage Series Rock Light Lens


This lens is a direct replacement for the original outer lens on your Stage Series LED Rock Light. It can be used to change the color, with a quick swap! Each lens is made of a thick automotive-grade polycarbonate, designed to take a beating on the trail.

  • Replacement lens for Stage Series Rock Light
  • Thick automotive-grade polycarbonate
  • Optical features engineered to spread light
  • Allows for quick color swap
  • Available in Clear, Red, Amber, Blue, and Green

Optically Engineered. Most rock lights are built without optics in mind. They use a simple clear cover to protect from the elements. In true Diode Dynamics style, we’ve incorporated optical features to get the best performance possible. Four individual optics are molded into the outer lens, which provides excellent spread and even, consistent coverage from each light.

Colors. Stage Series LED Rock Light lenses are available in clear and diffused options, producing a white, amber, red, green, or blue color. You can change the color of your single-color rock lights by swapping out the lens.

Easy Swap. Changing the outer lens on your Stage Series LED Rock Light takes just a few seconds! Simply snap it off using a small screwdriver, and snap your new lens in its place. Take care not to touch the inner optical surface of your new lens during the swap, or wear a pair of gloves to keep things clean and you are ready to shine in your new color!