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CBI Classic Rear Bumper For Tundra (2022-2024)


Add some protection to the rear end of your Tundra with the CBI Offroad Classic Rear Bumper. Check out the key features below.

  • Wrap-around protection
  • integrated recovery points
  • Built-in pocket step on the side of bumper
  • Solid 7 gauge steel construction
  • Retain factory blind-spot monitors and proximity sensors*
  • Cutouts for additional flush mount reverse lights (BAJA DESIGNS S2 PATTERN, RIGID SR-M )
  • Bumper requires cutting
  • Estimated install time 6-8 hours

*Blind spot monitors may require professional calibration

The CBI Offroad Fab Tundra rear steel bumper is a great option for Tundra owners looking to upgrade the rear protection of their vehicle. One of the main benefits of this bumper is its durability and strength, as it is made from high-quality steel that can withstand impacts and protect the rear of your Tundra. Additionally, the rear bumper also provides additional clearance and protection for off-road driving, allowing you to tackle more rugged terrain with confidence. The bumper also features cutouts to integrate the factory blind-spot monitors and other sensors.  Furthermore, the rear steel bumper can give the Tundra a more rugged and aggressive look. Overall, the CBI Offroad Fab Tundra rear steel bumper is an excellent option for Tundra owners looking for added protection, off-road capability, and customization options for their vehicle.